Last year I officially went independent, turning Logrus into a boutique consulting shop specializing in the skills and knowledge I have to offer big players in the Drupal world. So far, things have gone fantastically well and it has allowed me to branch out a little more in the things I do, and has also helped fund several awesome projects that will benefit the community. Notably the Panelizer, Fieldable Panel Panes and ERS modules are completely funded by clients, as well as improvements to Panels such as the pane locking features.

It has also allowed me to try a few things I haven't done before. At DrupalCon, I am proud to be working with Lullabot to provide a high end Drupal training session on the Drupal training day. Jeff Eaton, Karen Stevenson, Joe Shindelar and I will provide a day-long hands-on course to work through the process of site building, particularly featuring Views, Panels and related tools. We will cover several topics including a few common but not obvious techniques that can be used with Views, some actual PHP code here and there to extend the systems where needed, and more or less do everything we can to put a bow and a ribbon on top of things you should already hopefully know about Panels and/or Views in the session.

This is only the second time I've been available for a day long training course, and my first one in London last year was very well received. With this one, I get to partner with Lullabot and I've worked closely with Jeff and Karen off and on for many years. The amount of knowledge between us is pretty intense!

We have a limit of 30 students due to the space they put us in!

You can sign up on the Drupalcon Denver site!


This class has sold out.

Any chance of that happening after DrupalCon? Thanks!


This is a DrupalCon training and such a thing is up to them, I guess. I don't know those details. :)

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