I published a children's book!

So a couple of years ago, I wrote a short story for my daughter, mostly because I felt like writing and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

More recently, I decided to get the story illustrated. I hired Adam Fairchild, someone I met over twitter, who did an absolutely fabulous job! I printed out some copies for her birthday, and she and all her friends absolutely loved it.

It's a short, cute story (a mere 30 pages, including illustrations) that I think works for any kid whose graduated from reading just picture books.

Auto-registering Views handlers

I may be alone in this, but I hate having to list Views handlers in the .info file in order for the class registry to register them.

CTools has a mechanism to autoregister its plugins. Why doesn't Views have this mechanism for Handlers? Because Views doesn't know what handlers actually exist in a meaningful way.

But your module does.

Be careful of what you get on Planet

While Drupal Planet can be a fantastic resource, it can also be a megaphone used when someone has an axe to grind. It's particularly unfortunate when one of those people don't open up comments. Theoretically useful code that comes with an axe to grind should always be suspect to begin with. When the first thing that the author says about the module the code is for is derogatory, it's a pretty good hint to distrust everything that follows.

VDC Update and Announcement

The VDC initiative is now several months under way, and fantastic progress has been made. As part of this progress, in addition to making excellent progress toward making the codebase Drupal core-worthy, today we are announcing that Dries has promoted the project from a community initiative to an official initiative.

The team has grown significantly, and even though I haven’t personally been able to participate as much as would be liked, the team has more than made up for me. We are more or less on schedule to meet our goals.

Chaos World Tour '12!

First, as of the time of this writing the chipin is JUST shy of $7,500. Thanks to everyone who has contributed! This is a fantastic amount of money in a short time, but there's going to be a long way to go! Of course, I don't expect the chipin to be all of the funding, but for right now it's what we have. So please, help me spread this around!

It's funny. I had no plans to travel other than Drupalcon Denver this year and a family trip to Disneyland because the little one really does think it's the best place on Earth. Then I decided to ask Dries about Views in Core. Honestly, it's one of the scariest things I've done in years.

As a side effect, suddenly I'm travelling all over the place putting together sprints to ensure this thing gets done. I've already committed to a whole bunch, and am very close to committed to others. I am still looking for funding for some. Here is the Chaos World Tour list, as it stands:

Help Fund Views in Core

At Drupalcon Denver, I approached Dries with the idea of putting Views into Drupal core for the Drupal 8 release. The idea was met very positively, and I've begun the work of putting together a team and resources and the things required to do this. Obviously, it's a big job, on the scale of initiatives like Mobile, CMI, WSCCI, etc.

This initiative will be called VDC, or Views in Drupal Core. The goal of this initiative is to put Views as we know it into Drupal core and properly integrate it so that everything is seamless. The fantastic UX work that Acquia funded last year already works very well with the core style, and we can continue to build on that to make it simply part of the Drupal experience.

For many years, large portions of the community have asked repeatedly why Views isn’t in core. Many of those answers are fading: Core’s processes are now capable of handling large projects. Views’ development needs have slowed as it has matured and gotten more feature-filled. It’s well known that Views and CCK, together, catapulted Drupal from having tens of thousands of installed sites to hundreds of thousands of installed sites by significantly reducing the amount of work needed to build complex functionality. CCK is in core now, but Views is not.

Bug Squad Mentoring Hours

Some time ago, we formed the Views' Bug Squad and built up a group of people to help out in the Views' issue queue. At first this was a smashing success, and we did a great job of getting the Views' open issues queue down. For awhile. However, the realities of the busy-ness of the queue and my general hope to fire-and-forget didn't really work out, and activity in the Squad tailed off, though a couple of members remain quite active.

The Book of Druplicon

The following is a parody. It might be mildly offensive to some; if so, I apologize in advance.

Training at DrupalCon!

Last year I officially went independent, turning Logrus into a boutique consulting shop specializing in the skills and knowledge I have to offer big players in the Drupal world. So far, things have gone fantastically well and it has allowed me to branch out a little more in the things I do, and has also helped fund several awesome projects that will benefit the community. Notably the Panelizer, Fieldable Panel Panes and ERS modules are completely funded by clients, as well as improvements to Panels such as the pane locking features.

Panels IPE: The Future

The Panels In-Place Editor was a fantastic piece of functionality added to the Panels library, funded by Chapter Three (thanks!!!) and implemented almost entirely by Sam Boyer. This feature allows users to designate Panels of various types as editable in-place. This means that users with privileges are given a button at the bottom of the page which allows them to dynamically add, remove and rearrange content on that page. It's much more limited than the typical back end editor, but is much more usable by content managers who are focusing highly on the content.

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